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Wellington echoes job cuts angered by cuts to welfare

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young has urged the Government to back legislation to give jobseekers access to the JobBridge scheme.

A report by the Centre for Policy Studies estimated a one-off increase in unemployed people would see between 7,300 and 8,000 jobs open up.

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has asked the Government to push to have a national "career fair and training scheme" offered.

Ms Hanson-Young said it was wrong to have the same degree of funding for the JobBridge as would be available to young people with skills shortages who are in jobs.

And she said the Government had a "morally neutral" position and did not have to make the case for changes to help people gain skills.

"It's wrong to suggest that the Government's policy choice has nothing to do with these jobs cuts," she said.

"The Government is failing jobseekers through their ill-considered cuts, and they're also failing to listen to the real issues Australians face when looking for work."

The Government's unemployment figures are released the next day.

They come after The Conversation broke stories about job losses at Auckland University and the Canterbury University of Technology, which also have students from Eastern and Northern Australia.

Government has to face reality - it's got to cut the budget, and you'd better not keep on doing what you're doing because you won't find the money

The University of Otago said last month it had lost around 900 jobs since November, but the Government's data shows another 300 jobs cut.

In 2014-15 the Government spent $12 billion on welfare, more than double the amount it spent on health.

Opposition employment spokesperson James Shaw said the Government's actions highlighted the need for changes in how it provides welfare.

"They are telling jobseekers that if they need the money, that you're either working or looking to be paid a fair amount, because there are no jobs available for them," he said.

"They are not making a genuine commitment to improve the situation for people."

Tasmanian Independent MP Nick Smith also called on the Government to change its strategy.

"When the government claims this is not an issue it is really doing a disservice," he said.

"It's the only way that they will stop making cuts to the welfare system. It's the only way that they can guarantee the $25 billion dollars that will be coming out of the welfare budget, which is being put in place over the next decade or so."


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